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ABOUT US               

PowerClean Technologies entered the commercial laundry, warewash, janitorial and specialty cleaning products market in early 2013 because ownership recognized an immediate need for innovative product solutions combined with customized service and reporting. Throughout this region, customers have been forced to deal with antiquated chemical offerings which were supported by impersonal and archaic service models. PowerClean has since worked tirelessly to research and provide the latest in chemical technology backed by state of the art dispensing while leveraging real time analytics and reporting. 


PowerClean understands customers benefit when their needs are listened to and acted upon. Once PowerClean initiates a customer relationship, a thorough onsite evaluation is completed to understand the total needs of the client. A comprehensive chemical program is then provided to the client which outlines opportunities to enhance results and identify cost saving measures. Lastly, each client is onboarded with online access to real time reporting and analytics creating transparency for all involved to continue to improve the program well beyond initial installation. Leading technology, customized service and meaningful reporting are the backbone to each of our chemical program solutions for our clients.

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