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Our Food Service programs offer the highest in food safety standards while providing the best results. We offer many programs that can meet any Food Service needs within the industry. Our technicians work closely with staff to maintain efficiency through best in class dispensing and online reporting.


PowerClean Technologies offers an array of detergents that can perform in hard or soft water conditions.   Maybe you require aluminum safe detergents or degreasers?  We provide an assessment of your environment and solutions to match!  Our products are developed with food safety and employee safety in mind while delivering best in class results.  We offer Economy programs designed for schools to Premium programs with high end clientele requiring the highest level of results.


PowerClean Tech offers many 3-Compartment sink solutions to meet your needs.  We have the latest in solid technology which bring many new benefits to the Food Service industry as well as a range of liquid products customized for your exact needs.  Your PowerClean Consultant will help you determine which is the most cost effective while delivering the achieved results for your environment.

Grease Trap        

PowerClean Technologies offers the industry's first solid bacterial grease trap treatment product. In comparison to similar grease trap products, solid technology provides, by far, the most concentrated biological product on the market. The revolutionary dispensing system delivers product to the grease trap with optimum dispersion.

Hand Soaps        

PowerClean Technologies can help you with food prep and employee safety by offering the best in Hand Soap and Hand Soap Dispensing technology.  PowerClean has multiple hand soap programs from effective economical bulk products to the latest in technology from Dial and other leading providers.  Let PowerClean show you how an assessment of your current program can be enhanced with one of our programs!

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