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PowerClean Technologies provides the latest and best in laundry solutions technology.  PowerClean leverages the newest soap, dispensing and real time reporting technology to produce best in class results for customers.


Available Products

Ultimate SOLID Detergent (Healthcare)

SG65 SOLID Detergent (Hospitality)

SG81 Fabric Sour/Softener

Compass Detergent (Gyms/Fitness)

Stage 2 SOLID Destainer

Laundry Suds Liquid Detergent

Matrix Detergent (Education)

Effecto Liquid Destainer


Formulated for commercial kitchens of all sizes, PowerClean Technologies' Machine Warewash products repeatedly deliver superior results. From chlorinated dish detergents to heavy duty delimers, PowerClean Technologies ensures your dishes and kitchen utensils are properly cleaned and sanitized.

dish washing.jpg

Available Products

Solid Performance SOLID Dish Machine Detergent

Result 100 Liquid Dish Machine  Detergent

XP Sunshine Liquid Drying Agent

Clarity SOLID Rinse Aid

Lime Remover Plus Acidic Descaler

Crystal Automatic Dish/Bar Glass Wash


If product effectiveness, exceptional performance and safety are your priorities when buying disinfectants then PowerClean Technologies has the product solutions to meet your needs.  No matter if you work in critical healthcare surroundings, hospitality or education our EPA registered products will deliver your required results. 


Available Products

FACILITY+ Hospital Grade Disinfectant

ZENATIZE Foam Spray Disinfectant (RTU)

Germicidal Spray Disinfectant Cleaner (RTU)

Hi-Q Disinfectant

BIO CLEAN Enzyme  Based

Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner


Whether you run a full service restaurant, an institutional kitchen, a convenience store or a supermarket, our kitchen cleaning products keep your operation clean and sanitary.We have solutions for all kitchen requirements and you can also look for our Certified Kosher products!


Available Products

PowerSudz Pot & Pan Soap

PowerSan Sanitizer

Purity Pro SOLID Pot & Pan Soap

Sentinel SOLID Sanitizer

Score SOLID Degreaser

Beacon SOLID Silverware Pre-soak

Stain-Away Plus Food & Bev. Stain Remover

Lime-Away Scale Remover


If you want increased productivity from your team, more effective products and a program tailored to your general cleaning needs, PowerClean Technologies has the answers for you.  We provide many concentrated and also ready-to-use products to maximize results while minimizing training time, SKU’s and overall inventory.  We have worked to develop formulas with superior technology to streamline your cleaning needs.


Available Products

PowerGlass Glass Cleaner

Maximo Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

PowerFloor Daily Enzyme Floor Cleaner

Solid Green 24 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

PowerDegreaser Daily Degreaser

All Weather Foaming Glass Cleaner

Sani-Clean 2 Disinfectant, deodorizer, Detergent


PowerClean Technologies offers a wide array of hand care programs to meet your appropriate setting.  We deliver the latest is new hand care advancements as well as state of the art dispensing to eliminate waste.  From bulk soaps to private label dispensing systems, PowerClean can provide you the results and professional look you need.


Available Products

DIAL FIT Gel Hand Sanitizer

Sundrops 59 Foam Lotion Soap

DIAL FIT Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Sundrops 75 Gel Hand Sanitizer

DIAL FIT BASIC Hypoallergenic Hand Soap

Bouquet Liquid Hand Soap

DIAL FIT COMPLETE Antimicrobial Foam Hand Soap


Maintaining a clean and odor-free restroom is a tough task for all clientele. PowerClean Technologies provides a customized approach specific to your restroom cleaning requirements. We offer the newest solutions of disinfectants, enzyme cleaners, drain cleaners and many other products to ensure your restrooms stay sanitary and shine for your customers.


Available Products

PowerBowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Vital SBio-Active Cleaner Deodorant

HCL Disinfecting Bowl Cleaner

Steel Brite Stainless Cleaner & Polish

Foaming Restroom Cleaner

Bio Clean Lemon Scented Disinfectant

Reflect Tub & Tile Cleaner

Non-Corrosive Bathroom Cleaner/Descaler

SHINE Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish (Citrus)

Restroom Care

PowerClean Technologies understands that challenging circumstances arise when maintaining a facility.   PowerClean has studied and thoroughly tested specialty products to tackle the toughest of circumstances which may occur.  Fruit flies, Dumpster odor, drain clogs and mildew, among other issues, can all be eliminated with our Specialty Care Products.

Specialty Care Image.jpg

Available Products

Mold-n-Mildew Remover

Graffiti Remover

Chute & Dumpster Neutralizer

Alkaline Drain Opener

Banish Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner (RTU)

Fruit Fly Drain & Surface Eliminator


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